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Wanting to explore the deeper aspects and meanings to life? Rebecca is exceedingly practical and relatable, offering not only her personal experience but also her professional experience developed through working with people in clinical practice for nearly two decades.


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Rebecca Poole is a sought after teacher, presenter and clinician, she brings her enormous experience of over 18 years of clinical practice and over 20 years of Meditation practice to the design and implementation of her programs and courses. Rebecca is extremely passionate about supporting people to feel free to be themselves in all aspects of life, in every relationship. She is able to see through the muck to the heart of the matter and support people to understand with clarity the energetic undercurrents and dynamics that trap them in unhealthy interactions. Rebecca holds the rare combination of qualities, being exceedingly practical at the same time as energetically aware. 


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Bring the magic back into your life in practical and relatable ways, anytime of day. Get access to all of our life changing masterclasses, over 20 hours of content, and start to create a deeper relationship with yourself.


Stuck on the “crazy-busy” treadmill of life? Feeling so much that you are not quite sure what to feel? Stop, feel and connect. This is much, much more than a meditation course, it’s a blueprint for life.


Are you constantly stressed and don’t know how to pull yourself out of it? Is stress affecting your work, health, sense of mental well-being or even your relationships? Are you constantly making bad choices because you are feeling stressed?

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Has your relationship lost its sparkle? Do you struggle to get on the same page as your partner? Do you keep attracting the wrong types of people? Do you want to build more love, intimacy and connection into your current or potential relationship?

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This is an absolutely brilliant meditation course that I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s online, do it in your own time, gives great practical advice and tips, no cross legged sitting or chanting required and delivers just so much calm, relaxation and personal insight. I’m half way through it and with every fibre of my body know every single person will benefit from doing this too.


Thank you Rebecca 🙂 I have started meditating a few weeks ago and now listening to your meditation I now realise the difference in the 2 styles of meditation. Your style in gentle breath really allows me to reconnect to myself and be aware of my breath and how that makes my body feel in the present moment. It’s like a “wow” moment of realisation of how my mind and body have been on auto pilot without even being aware. Thank you for being the lovely person you are and sharing this wonderful tool with us all :).


I have been loving focussing on bringing gentleness into the way I move and the way I do certain tasks throughout my day rather than just going into autopilot to get things done. This greater awareness has allowed me to see the areas of my life that I need to bring in more self care to. Really loving the GBM course.


Throughout this course I have noticed a massive difference in myself and how I now carry myself with gentleness. I have felt a much stronger connection to myself and I have had a few aha moments. I am feeling now like I can carry on moving forward with gentleness in my life. I have only started to discover self love and I am finding that my relationships are really changing for the better, people are commenting how I look so good, I guess it’s because I feel so good. I feel like they are scrambling to be around me, to talk to me and to actually listen to what I am saying. I feel more confident with my voice but gentle in what I have to say and my words are listened to and speaking gently but honestly is helping me with my conversations, they feel much more real.  I love the connection I have with myself and I look forward to growing this connection further. I am truly enjoying this meditation course, I have gained so much from it, thank you Rebecca.


Hi Rebecca, Today was a mixture of a busy vs chaos, vs stressful situations but I adapted to what was thrown my way and dealt with it. Working as an Early Childhood Educator will do that to you lol. Today I used the Gentle Breath Meditation at the children’s rest time and for me it gave me a sense of being, I was able to relax myself to the point that the children nodded off quite quickly, sleeping for quite some time. Tonight as I began my meditation I felt a sense of feeling free, like floating on the waves of the ocean, rocking back and forth, tonight I sense I will drift off into a peaceful restful sleep. Prior to these classes I found it hard to relax and settle my mind and the feelings within my body. However now I’m sleeping better and I’m understanding my body more and accepting any cues it’s giving me. I can calm myself quickly if I become anxious, or out of sorts. I’ve learnt a lot from this course about myself and the way in which I present myself to myself and others. It’s been quite a learning curve. Thank you Rebecca for sharing your insights and knowledge and your time preparing such an inspirational piece of knowledge that I and others can use in our everyday lives. The Gentle Breath Meditation is my new best friend. Thank you Rebecca, I’m so glad you crossed my path.


In the last meditation I felt a deep settlement, a stillness that was deeper than that which I had previously called settlement. Toward the end of the meditation before I opened my eyes I had to give myself a couple of moments to really feel this (how it was in my breath, my body, my chest etc) and appreciate that I (with the support of this amazing course) had chosen to allow myself to go to this depth. I had to give myself a few moments to register and accept this settlement. I am appreciating all the commitment and choices I made to get to this point (reading everything, being with the material in this course and committing to completing every aspect even if I was a day behind). I truly loved this course and all that it offered and supported. Thank you Rebecca for your amazing holding and presenting of lived responsibility and true health and how to practically live form divine connection.


Appreciating that I have taken the time to finish the course. Appreciating very much the awareness of how I avoid finishing things and definitely to avoid the confirmation and appreciation that comes from finishing a cycle. That in itself is huge. So much awareness and a big reminder to appreciate me and all that I bring and the Learning and that everything is an opportunity for growth, which also then leaves no room for the self bashing and unsupportive behaviours. Thank you Rebecca and everyone else doing the course.


I really enjoyed taking time for myself everyday and I have to say that the way you created this website with all those different chapters everyday feels so lovely and supportive and the amount of work you put into it is so amazing. Thank you very much for that. I took so much better care of myself and was much more aware of unloving behaviour towards myself, it truly is wonderful to connect with myself. I feel so much love right now. And it feels natural.


Awesome course. Thank you Rebecca. Have shared it with many at this side of the world.


I am deeply appreciating having completed this course in full, even okay with it having taken nearly 9 days instead of 7 to actually finish it. Yeah! I stuck with it!! Thank you Rebecca. A deep appreciation of the work you have put into this 7 day course - it has a beautiful flow and harmonious rhythm, with everything seamlessly and naturally moving onto the next section.


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