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Thursday - 2nd of February - 7.00PM

at For the Love of Hair Creative Studio

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The Truth about sleep

Let's face it, this is something that we need to do every single day and really, it's not something that we assess or reflect on unless we’re having problems with it.  We’ve all heard the guidelines of 6-8hours per night for adults, but is that really all there is to it?  And if so, why are so many people waking up still tired after having a full night of sleep?

This Women's Health Presentation is going to offer an understanding of sleep that you won’t find at your local GP or run of the mill sleep-specialist. It’s an understanding  of sleep that comes from the perspective of a healer and we look at sleep from not only a physical standpoint, but from an energetic one.   

Because sleep is so intrinsically connected and reliant on our relationship with our being, bringing the energetic elements of sleep reveals the depth that can become available to us all during our sleep each night. 

Hey great to meet you,


I'm Rebecca, owner of the Health Healing Life Clinic, founder of The Enriching Relationships Program and a complementary medicine practitioner of more than 20 years.

What I have noticed over the last 25 + years is that the number one biggest contributors to ill-health in people is the unresolved energetic stressors that people carry around with them. For some, these are more prominent, they live with the feeling of the unresolved undercurrents, dynamics or dis-ease every day. For others, this level of life has been buried below the surface, only rearing it's ugly head occasionally.

Life is set up for us to be busy, get on with it, and toughen up . . . but what are we losing in this approach? How many of life's interactions, disappointments, rejections, dismissals or difficulties are we truly resolving?

In this presentation on healing, I'm offering the women of Mackay to have an opportunity to see deeper into the mechanisms of what sets up health or a lack of health and empower themselves in deepening their relationship with their body, seeing and experiencing how it works on all levels.

❤️ It is with an enormous amount of respect that I ask you to consider looking at what is contributing to your ill-health on an energetic level.

❤️ It is my intention to inspire you to heal, empower you to know how and encourage you to grow.

I hope I have piqued your interest enough to take the dive into our Health Healing Life world.

xx Rebecca
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