A practitioner development program that offers you a step-by-step approach to establishing your practice online

The thought of taking your practice online can be daunting and often people don't take the steps required because it feels too overwhelming. Unfortunately, even when practitioners do take their practice online it is often poorly executed and lacking the richness and substance that is possible. We can settle for systems that somewhat get the job done without really maximising the potential for our business.

It doesn't matter if you are a new practitioner, an experienced practitioner, full-time, part-time or anything in between, you deserve a fully professional and rich way of clinical practice.


Lifetime access to the Take Your Practice Online course material

45 in depth, step-by-step video tutorials 45 transcripts of tutorials for those who prefer to read.

Downloadable worksheet to map out and plan everything you need before getting started

Inspiration & tech support from your assigned group, as well as email support from Health Healing Life

Downloadable templates that you can upload into cliniko and edit to suit you and your clients needs

2 live Troubleshooting sessions where any tech issues will be address and recorded for future reference


An Overview

In this module Rebecca will walk you through the steps of signing up to Cliniko and get you familiar with the program. You can follow along in real time and pause the video tutorial whenever you need to, there are also downloadable transcripts available for each tutorial if you prefer to read along.


LIFETIME ACCESS >> to the Take Your Practice Online course material including 14 modules of videos, resources and templates.

GROUP SUPPORT » You will be constellated with a team that you can work through modules with, call on for tech support or simply be inspired by.  

15 JAM-PACKED MODULES » Including multiple Video Tutorials with accompanying Transcript Tutorials, A Cliniko Planning Worksheet, downloadable Client Form Templates, as well as downloadable Note-taking Templates that you can upload straight to your Cliniko  Account and edit. You have access to this content for life and can easily go back and repeat steps or modules in the future if changes need to be made in your account. 

2 LIVE TROUBLESHOOTING/ENRICHMENT SESSIONS » These Live sessions are your opportunity to ask tech questions that you email in prior to the session.  They will not only support you, but future participants to come.  In the case that everyone is smooth sailing on the tech front, we will take the opportunity to share the riches of moving our practices online. 



$330 upfront, or 3 fortnightly payments of $110
  • + Available as a single purchase or Payment Plan
  • + Lifetime Access to 15 Modules of step-by-step support to Take Your Practice Online
  • + Lifetime access to 45 Video Tutorials and accompanying Tutorial Transcripts
  • + Lifetime access to downloadable and editable Client Consent Form Templates
  • + Lifetime access to downloadable & editable Note-Taking Templates
  • + 2 Live Troubleshooting Sessions with the opportunity to send in personal tech problems
  • + Discounted Cliniko Sign Up Fee
  • + Opportunity to work with an assigned group, supporting and inspiring each other
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