Soulful Parenting Bundle

Do you constantly feel like you're not doing enough as a parent?

Parent child relationships can be one of the most beautiful, difficult, inspiring and tortuous relationships we have.

The world is full of parenting tips and advice, shoulds and shouldn’ts . . . in other words pressure!

IT’S TIME to take the pressure off...

all that pressure does is undermine your natural strength as a parent to understand your child intimately and feel the necessary next step required.


Soulful Parenting

the audio bundle

There are far too many great women lost to mum guilt, second guessing themselves and losing confidence within themselves.  That is why we feel that the Soulful Parenting Bundle is so important, because we understand that by empowering mothers, we truly do change the world.

Raising children is not a one way street and as is the case in all relationships, you learn from each other.  Kids love feeling that they are a valued member of the family and tangibly feel how they contribute, whether that be on a practical level but also with the intangibles of love, care, joy and tenderness.  A lot of parents never truly received this in their own parenting and therefore, they try to bring “positive parenting” and encouragement to their children, but unless this comes from the depth and strength of knowing within yourself, the encouragement can tend to fall a bit flat and not be truly felt by the child.

When parents and especially mothers are not empowered or live with a lack of self-worth, kids can't receive the healthy boundaries they require.  Children can be wiley and if they can see an easy way around a situation or someone else to shift the responsibility onto, then they often will.  One of the most beautiful things that you can offer your children is an environment that has values and standards and these audios will support uou in creating just that.  When you encourage children to understand and value standards they themselves become more empowered outside of the home.

We have many adults come into the Health Healing Life Clinic either struggling with their own parent child relationship, their children’s parenting skills or even their own relationships with their parents.  It can be really difficult to raise a child from infancy and then have to let go of all control in the decisions in their life.  However on the other hand, nothing is more beautiful than watching someone else in full bloom contributing to the world and excelling as themselves.

Soulful Parenting

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  • Over 7 hours worth of listening 
  • 5 x 1.5 hour audio masterclasses

Our parenting audios are different in many ways as they don’t come from an ideal way to live but instead are founded on years of supporting many different parents to find their way.

What is interesting is that finding your way is a continuous unfolding adventure of sorts and although difficult at times...

it is always an opportunity to

Grow as a person

DISCOVER WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM feeling worthy & empowered as a parent

Soulful Parenting

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In understanding and dealing with stress, Rebecca has helped me personally by teaching me the importance of not absorbing other people’s ‘stuff’, but to observe instead. This has been an important tool for me in recovering from an over-wired nervous system and fatigue. She’s also reminded me time and time again to read any situation that I’m in, rather than react to it. In the early days she brought my attention to the Gentle Breath Meditation also, and over time has shown me that it’s a very grounding practice to do, regularly or to come back to when I’m stressed, which has ultimately become a solid base from which I remember to live from day-to-day. This has helped me sustain energy throughout the day, and know at any time where my body is truly at. Of course we've also covered diet, sleep and water intake as well.



Meet Your


Rebecca Poole is a sought-after presenter, healer and course creator. She brings her enormous experience of over 18-years of clinical practice and over 20-years of meditation practice to the design and implementation of the De-Stress Your Life course. Rebecca is extremely passionate about supporting people to not only at ease and comfortable within themselves but also empowered in their life.  Rebecca shares The Gentle Breath Meditation® because it offers  something of real substance to people. People are drawn to Rebecca because she holds a rare combination of qualities, being exceedingly practical at the same time as energetically aware. You will hear her talking about the truth of stress, meditation and the energetic aspects of life from real experience and insight, not a wannabe talking about the “airy-fairy fluff” of life with no true understanding. In all endeavours Rebecca offers not only a wealth of experience, but enormous insight delivered in a naturally joyful, delightfully cheeky way. Health Healing Life is an online school that offers a re-igniting of your insight, wisdom and strength to live the truth of who you are… and bringing that to the world. Rebecca has supported many people to peel back the layers of stress, burden, compromise, and hurt, allowing them to reclaim a truly empowered and all-knowing relationship with themselves.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at

Soulful Parenting
Raising loving Girls_


It takes a village to raise a child.  In this audio Rebecca breaks down what it means to love and smashes some of the pictures of what we think it looks like, to love the girls in our life.   Being free of these pictures allows us to build truly loving connections that are meaningful and lasting. Through this, decision making, communication & discipline are naturally easier.

In addition: Women can explore and heal their own childhood & deepen their relationship with themselves.

Raising loving Boys


Often people get confused and think that raising loving boys means raising good or nice boys.  This presentation breaks down the difference between the two.  This audio is also an opportunity for men to take the time to explore their own childhood & relationship for themselves, so join us as we break down the misconceptions around what it means to be a boy and what it means for him to grow into a man.  Awareness of this will support your boy in flourishing into the loving, tender man he has the potential to be.

Mothering without guilt


“Mother’s guilt” is a commonly experienced tension that can follow us mums everywhere, affecting our confidence, self worth & well-being. It can literally feel like a monkey on our back, weighing us down and dampening our pizzazz. Did you know you have pizzazz? It can be easy to forget sometimes. Many people suffer from parental guilt and even parental anxiety. Do you have thoughts like, “I am a bad mother or I am failing as a parent.” It really doesn’t have to be this way. When we value ourselves as a woman, we see the role we play in our children’s lives more clearly and we start trusting ourselves as a mother . . . without the guilt.

Valuing yourself as a mother


There are so many Mothers who have a lack of self worth issue because they are striving for unrealistic expectations instead of understanding the gold mine.  Mothering does not need to come at the expense of a woman. So many mothers accepting a lesser quality of relationship & engagement from their children compared to what they would accept from any other person. When we don’t address this dynamic everyone looses out, including our kids.  This audio will support you in uncovering who you truly are and find your way with parenting.

Knowing your setengths as a mother


There is no “cookie cutter” approach to mothering, however many women despair when they don’t fit the mould. Mothers are such important role models & it is a shame when women do not know their unique strengths. A whole family benefits when a woman knows her strength. Join us to uncover your strength.

You could say that there are definitely skills you could class as “good parenting skills” but really it doesn’t stop there because truly...

Good parenting skills, are skills for all relationships.

Soulful Parenting is an empowering and activating bundle designed to bring greater awareness and quality to your life through parenthood.  Are you ready to kick the exhausted, stressed out and 'not good enough' mentality out and step into your power as a parent?


"Attending Rebecca's presentation on Stress was an absolute highlight for me. I remember listening to her with a feeling of sheer delight and excitement, it was an honest and truthful opportunity for me to really explore what consumed me and understand how I allowed stress to impact me. It an invaluable evening. Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing your insights, a must see presentation."




"Rebecca has been amazing in supporting me to unravel the stresses and intensity that are experienced in the busyness of being a working mum in a corporate environment. Her support has enabled me to have a much healthier relationship with myself and in turn I can face the busyness of my days with much more settlement and understanding of the qualities I am here to bring to my work.

I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone feeling the tension and constant juggle of seeking a work life balance."



from Rebecca

It is definitely my life’s work to support people to find a true way to deal with the tension and lack of ease in their life.

So many people use unhealthy ways to deal with their stress, overwhelm or tension. Not only does this impact their health and mental well-being it also means that nothing changes.

Others can feel trapped on the treadmill of life; super busy with no way of stopping the chaos. Not to mention the many who struggle with the “blaah feeling”, feeling numb or just feeling unenthused with life.

The key that everyone is searching for is a true answer to the deeper unrest they feel. Ultimately, they know there is more to life than what they are living.

There is so much that this course offers, as it not only provides tools and techniques to change your life, it re-introduces you to an enriched way of life. A connection to the depth of you.

Soulful Parenting

Only $27

For Lifetime Access

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