Multidimensional Details

of Practice

"This program is personally tailored for each participant by Heaven and The Hierarchy, to bring forth what needs to be embodied and activated as part of The Divine Plan for your clinical practice."

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What a truly fiery business brings to the world is beyond words. When activated, our clinics are the fiery kidneys, lungs, spleen and heart of the world, inspiring others with the pulse of love, depth and purpose. Your clinic is a point of light; an integral part of The Plan and it is needed in full activation. As a custodian of the modalities, our job is to tend to our clinic and clinical practice in all ways:  nurturing, activating, exposing, discerning, celebrating, enriching, deepening, expanding . . . all of which are the best recipe for having loads of fun.

Over the last 20 years in business I have learnt a lot. I have also ticked many boxes as a practitioner and clinic owner, from starting with absolutely nothing to building a large successful multi-modality clinic. I have been in business before the internet, after the internet, with staff, without staff, with money, without money, business partners or solo as well as expanding my clinic before and after having children. I have become super sharp when it comes to hiring, firing, developing staff, resourcing, outsourcing, building a successful practice, a successful online business, developing courses, speaking, teaching, networking, marketing etc, etc.

Some things in business have come super easy to me and other things required some humbling . . . and some more 🙃 until eventually I let go and stopped getting in the way of The Divine plan. In simple terms you could say I have learnt a lot of what not to do wisdom, as well as what to do wisdom. There is nothing prescriptive about running a business and I am not here to give you "my way" to run your clinical practice. The "what to do" and "what not to do" wisdom has mainly been about vibrational discernment, greater acceptance of my place in The Plan and the realisation of the astral traps we fall for or get nudged by in our clinics. This is the GOLD in this program, as we work together to have each other's back, we settle with grandness and become infinitely more wise.

"20 years of experience might sound like a lot and in many ways it is . . . but it is nothing without the vibrational quality and clarity that Heaven holds my practice in now. My business is simple, it is a representation of GOD and The Hierarchy, for the all or not at all."

what does this program cover?

The Sacred Depth of a Healing Room

The Purpose & Power of Note-Taking and How to move that system to online.

The Art, Multidimensional Depth & deeper Purpose of Receiving Consent

Claiming Space with your Appointment Calendar

Full Clinic Audit: Managing Tax & Book-keeping

the beauty of . . .


This program was developed to bring the exquisite beauty and flow of accountability into our EPA practitioner businesses. It will support you to follow through on the impresses and/or impulses you receive from Heaven and cut the chitta or any other useless forms of doubt, so that the volume of your clinic can be activated straight away.

Unfortunately, many practitioners err on the side of "not making a mistake", resulting in contraction, delay and not bringing the same volume to their clinical practice that they would to other work. Too many practitioners don't treat their clinical work like a real business and this reduces the offering they are here to bring. As custodians of the modalities we hold a very deep reverence for the healing we have been offered . . . and we can sometimes falter with the enormous grandness we are a part of. Through this we play small, delay, and ultimately lack the vibrational fitness required to offset astral forces with ease and joy.

The level of love and support (accountability) that this program offers is grand, and the quality of got-your-back-ness that you will feel can only but accelerate your clinic business.  If GOD has given you the impress to be a practitioner, you have everything you need to activate it in full (and in truth no right to hold it back).

Who can join this Program?

This program is for EPA registered, Universal Medicine Therapies Practitioners.

It doesn't matter if you work full-time, part-time, one day per week or one day per month, we are all valuable parts of the plan and as representatives of the Ageless Wisdom it is our duty ensuring that we taking responsibility for the condition of our practices and working with true integrity.

WHAT EXACTLY DOES THE Multidimensionality details of practice COVER?

  1. What is actually involves when setting your Healing Room up?  Module 1 covers not only the practicalities of regulatory detail & client care; it also takes into consideration the importance of the sacred design, symbolism and ancient imprint of your space.

  2. Note-taking is an important part of any session, but its more than just ticking the box of what you are required to do.  Module 2 goes to great depth on the purpose & power that comes from taking notes and takes you through what that actually looks like. 

  3. Learning how to write and store consent forms that fill legal requirements while taking the purpose of receiving consent to a deeper, multidimensional place.  

  4. The tech work that comes with setting up links, embedding booking systems & working with computer programs makes many run a mile from setting an online booking system.  Module 4 takes you through the practicalities of this & brings simplicity to the process. 

  5. Following on from online booking systems in moving your note-taking online.  Moving note-taking online is great for practitioners who travel (& practitioners who don't), because its neat, professional and ensures that you're are always able to be responsive to whatever presents. 

  6. How to build a regular rhythm with tax & book-keeping, as well as an audit checklist to support you in making sure everything in your business is accounted for and to expose any gaps that need closing. 



The multidimensional Details of practice

  • 6 fortnightly group sessions over 3 months
  • All live webinars will held online (via Zoom)
  • 6 Online Modules that inc. permanent access to webinar recordings
  • Templates to support you in designing your own forms for your practice
  • On-going access to all module content after the completion of the program - This program is yours to keep 😊
  • Tutorials and tours on different aspects of running a practice
  • A constellated partner to learn from and support, plus work through the module with.
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