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What's the catch? . . .

These calls are one of the many ways that our company gives back to the community and they allow us to stay very grounded in the real world and what is happening for people.  They are powerful, expansive, and life-changing . . . and we have a lot of fun. Our business philosophy is to always offer value first, to give back and our business is naturally supported from there.

Offering so much value upfront enables us to dive straight into things with our clients, and genuinely connect with people in a meaningful and purposeful way without money being a barrier. We don't need to put the hard sell on anyone, we always have enough people wanting to work with us after experiencing what our business has to offer. The hard sell doesn't serve you or us - we don't want to work with anyone who is not ready or willing.

So please enjoy this call for what it is. . .  a genuine moment of connection with someone who gets it and can support you in finding your next true step.


WHat are others saying about their Next Steps Call?

Loretta Rapposs
Jenny Finn

Since chatting with Rebecca in my Next Steps Call, SO much has changed in my life, there has been a lot of self discovery.  It was a real opportunity for me to take stock of the relationships in my life, having a deeper look at why the arguments, reactions and impositions occur, as well as taking responsibility and claiming the power and authority that is within me - no more playing small for me!  My relationship with my husband has deepened, and is more open.  It’s been empowering  to come to a deeper awareness about what gets in the way of us living harmoniously.  I’ve also discovered there is a lot to appreciate in the 30+ yr marriage that I took for granted.  Thanking you so much Rebecca!  Deeply appreciate the absoluteness, stillness, sassy/sexiness, sacredness, truth, beholding love, richness & power of what you bring. 


After my Next Steps Call with Carmel I felt light and clear, it was as though she had managed to lift the weight off my shoulders and for the first time in ages I felt understood.  It was like nothing could affect me afterwards, things that would normally upset me didn’t matter anymore, because I saw things in a different way.  Carmel has a real gift for zooming out of situations and helping you see the bigger picture, which really supported me in understanding why I was in the situation I was in, and because she’s so down-to-earth she’s able to give you tips and tools on how to get yourself out of it.   It’s like she makes the big things, little.  So much changed after my Next Steps Call, for me and my family, and I couldn't recommend having a chat with her more. 


Sarah Flenley testimonial

I attended one of Rebecca’s free workshops on ‘Empowering xxx Single Woman’ and on that she offered a free ‘Next steps call’.  I took up the offer.  These calls are offered free, as an opportunity to talk through what your next steps could be if you were unsure as to what do to next.

What I liked about the offer first, is there was no ‘hook’ – it felt like a very genuine offer to find out a bit more about what my next steps could be, and if they involved working with Health Healing Life, cool, and if they did not, equally cool. No pressure.

Then I had the call. They are 45 minutes and when you book it, you are asked a few simple questions about what you are wanting to discuss. This formed the beginning of our conversation.  During our call, I got super clear on what was needed next for me. Rebecca is super skilled at holding you exactly where you are at, no judgement, no push, no drive. Another super power she has as well is that she can read what’s going on and offers great insights.

All this in a free 45-minute call. Yes, she talked about what Health Healing Life could offer towards the end, but it was delivered in a way so I could know what was available, with absolutely no strings attached. I was free to choose what my next steps would be. At this stage, it’s not working further with them, and that was totally cool for both of us.

Highly recommend these calls if you want to a) test the waters and find out more about how Rebecca works and/or b) want to clearer on what your next steps may be.

RP – Testimonial Images-06

I had a conversation with Rebecca and mentioned very briefly what was happening with someone I was seeing at the time… she read the whole relationship inside and out and back to front! It blew me away how much she could read sense and feel with so little detail given!


Georgina Dunlop

Ease-ful would be how I would describe my session with Carmel.  I felt so at ease, and in that I was provided the warmth and space to open up in my own time.  Carmel listened intently, and knew exactly how I felt with the issue I was experiencing.  Her wisdom and advice when it was offered, was spot on and supported me to understand and go into more detail with what I was feeling.  Carmel has such an ability to share without saying anything how genuinely caring she is; I felt so held and nurtured and cared for.  It is so important to pause and reflect at times, and check in with how we are feeling and what are our speedhumps.  Just being an hour with someone in a bubble of care and connection is good for the soul - which was how I experienced the session and it enabled me to connect to my own strengths and wisdom.  I could not recommend more highly Carmel - I also loved how her bubbly nature brought it some lightness and fun too - humour can go a long way in healing!  Thank you so very much Carmel for your love and support. 


Sarah Clayton

I booked the next steps call because I’d already been accessing some of your material online and getting lots of support from it.  It felt like the next most natural and supportive step to have a chat with you and see where we went from there.  I was definitely interested in joining the program and wanted to see if we could be a good fit for a program.  Yes the first steps call was super-powerful and valuable.  I do remember there being lots of practical advice and a total openness with absolutely no need for any particular outcome - a holding, understanding of where I was and that the choice was mine entirely, and knowing Rebecca now as I do now, it’s dearly important to her that people do make their own decisions and how empowering this is for them.  Yes, she offers gold continuously but it's really up to any of us whether we say yes to that or not, and Rebecca remains entirely holding and understanding either way.  But (I think it was only a few days before I booked into the program wasn’t it?) I had absolutely nothing holding me back.  It felt totally and completely like the absolute truth for me to take that next step of joining the program.  And it was hugely supportive - ok that doesn’t even cover it in words haha - the immense support from you and the other women in the group...really moved mountains for me and my situation.  This may not have even been possible if I hadn’t taken that first step of connecting with you on that initial call. 


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