More than flesh and bones?

When we shake hands with someone, is it merely a piece of meat we have in our hand, or can we feel something more, presence and intent that comes with the handshake?

It strikes me as odd that we have so many references to energy based interactions within our everyday normal language but we don’t let the meaning of this sink in. Working as a practitioner in a clinic, it is interesting to reflect on the types of statements that I hear clients make many times a day.

  • “I feel drained after talking to that person.” – Drained of what? I ask clients.
  • “I just keep taking on everyone’s stuff.” – What is this stuff you take on?
  • “My friend only calls me up to dump on me.” – Dump what on you?
  • “The weight of the world has just lifted off my shoulders and I feel about a ton lighter.” – What was the weight you felt?
  • “As soon as I get near the ocean, I let go and relax.” – Let go of what?
  • “The tension in the room was so thick, you could almost cut it with a knife.” – what are you feeling around you?

It can be a lot of fun to stop and feel the depth of what we are actually saying in these moments, because what we are saying is . . .

“I feel energy”.

Admitting that we are more than flesh and bones, and that our presence holds something for ourselves and others is extremely valuable when it comes to understanding life.

Every single person in the world is clairsentient, which means we all have the innate ability to clearly feel. Unfortunately, more often than not, we make our feelings less important than everything else and can get lost in the montage of life.

Understanding clairsentience brings a depth to life.
One day after school, I asked my 5-year old daughter what she had felt at school. How did her friends feel today? How was her teacher, and how did she herself feel? This is not an unusual conversation for us, and I was expecting my daughter to share at least some of what she had felt at school. Instead, she looked at me with firm eyes and said to me with an incredulous tone, “Mummy, I don’t have time to feel at school. If I was feeling at school, I would never get my work done!!!”

For many of us, school is the start of losing touch with what we really feel, and it is very easy to see why. Without knowing what we truly feel, we become engulfed by the energetic interactions around us, and have no real way to make sense of life.

We then don’t know why we . . .

  • feel drained after talking to a particular person
  • keep taking on others’ stuff
  • have friends who dump on us
  • carry the weight of the world on our shoulders
  • feel tension between people

I first heard the term “observe, don’t absorb” from a dear and respected friend of mine,


Serge Benhayon. Serge is a philosopher and healer, who has dedicated much of his writings and teachings to supporting people to discern energetic interactions through clairsentience (clear-feeling). What he shares with the statement “observe, don’t absorb” is that there is a way to be in life, where you are not constantly wearing the brunt of everything playing out in your day. In my experience, most of the “brunt” is actually the energetic exchanges that are taking place all day, every day, in every moment.

“Observe, don’t absorb” is a relatively simple teaching, but it is not always so easy to implement. It can sometimes take a while, with some very diligent and insightful work to untangle yourself from the dramas of life. Keep in mind this process is certainly not about becoming cold, distant or above life, as to truly observe means to be fully engaged: engaged, but not entangled.

“Observe, don’t absorb”

Understanding how to observe and not absorb is essential.
The only way to fully engage in life is to diligently take account of what we feel, to observe it, sit with it, intend to understand it . . . even if that seems impossible. This means fully realising we are more than flesh and bones, and in each moment there is an energetic exchange taking place.

What energetic exchanges are you responsible for imparting on others? And where do you allow yourself to get entangled in life?

These are all questions that are naturally explored during a Sacred Esoteric Healing session, a depth of conversation that holds true and wise counsel.


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