Empowering yourself as a single woman

- The 5 most common traps to avoid

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Hey great to meet you,


I'm Rebecca, owner of the Health Healing Life Clinic, founder of The Enriching Relationships Program and a complementary medicine practitioner of more than 20 years.

What I have noticed over the last 25 + years of working with women is that being single is still not respected as the amazing opportunity it is. There is still a stigma attached to being a single woman, and not only is this such an old and outdated approach to life 👉 it can seriously corrupt a woman's self-worth.

  1. What is the most empowering thing a woman can do?
  2. What is this whole soul mate thing about?
  3. How to deal with others' expectations, pressures and impositions
  4. How to navigate dating
  5. Why is being single a powerful time?

❤️ It is with an enormous amount of respect that I ask you to consider what it looks like to further empower yourself as a single woman.

❤️ It is my intention to inspire you to heal, empower you to know how and encourage you to grow.

I hope I have piqued your interest enough to take the dive into our Health Healing Life world.

xx Rebecca
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