Enriching Life: An alternative to Stress and Burnout


Are you feeling stressed or burnt out?

Do you take on other people’s stuff? Do you get drained by people or situations? Are you over your current work or life situation? Are you on a merry-go-round but can’t get off? Do people tell you that you are too sensitive? Do you feel like you can’t find your purpose?

You are not alone. I have worked with hundreds of people who feel exactly the same way. 

There is so much to share when it comes to stress and burnout. I have put together an amazing 1-day workshop that will completely change your understanding of how we get through life with these things.

Join me for a special one of a kind workshop where you will receive all the insight, understanding and practical steps required to not only come back from stress and burnout but to also feel enthused and purposeful in life again.


Our workshops are fun, refreshing and life changing

Check it out for yourself

Feeling like you have been run over by a car, then a bus and then a truck? Looking for something but you’re not sure what?  If you are wanting to explore the deeper aspects and meanings of life, feel enriched and purposeful every day and completely comfortable in your own skin . . . then you’re in the right place.

So what exactly is all this?

We hold insightful, fun and interactive workshops throughout the year . . . and we have one coming your way very soon. If you wake up feeling like every day is a bit of a struggle, stick around and I can show you a different way.


Meet Your


Rebecca Poole is a sought after teacher, presenter and clinician. She brings 18 years of clinical practice to the design and implementation of her life changing courses, masterclasses and workshops. In 2017 Rebecca expanded her work online and now has a comprehensive video masterclass library that people from all over the world subscribe to. Rebecca offers a wealth of experience and insight in her workshops, delivered in an accessible and entertaining format. Rebecca has supported many people to peel back the layers of stress, burden, compromise, and hurt by re-claiming a truly loving and all knowing relationship with themselves.


“Rebecca's workshops have been life changing for me. Her wisdom and insight is profound and blows me away; I find myself asking, 'have you been quietly sitting in a corner of my home without me noticing, observing my family?' Rebecca has an ability to unpack life and help me understand what is going on underneath the physical outplay of day-to-day activity. I can honestly testify that as a result of this awareness, I have been able to support myself and my family to live less in what felt like a constant battle, into one where we can enjoy being with each other - the changes are quite miraculous - Thank you Rebecca.”

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Sunday the 10th of November

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1. Life does not have to be stressful!

Stress and tension can run our lives and we can feel like we have no control over our emotions. Develop a deeper understanding of the stress in your life and learn how the Gentle Breath Meditation® can support you to start to make real and lasting change.

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2. Interactions do not have to be draining . . . EVER!

The amount of people who walk around drained by situations, dynamics and interactions is enormous. I could add to that people getting drained by workplace culture, family dynamics . . . the list goes on. Please soak up these words, It does not have to be that way.

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3. Chocolate and ice cream and all other addictions are only temporary friends!

Understand what is behind our unwanted behaviours. Burnout and stress are major drivers behind our addictions and they continue to add fuel to the fire.

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4. Saying no without guilt is the most loving and honouring thing for everyone!

People think that they only have two choices, to be a nice, walk-over, people pleaser or to be a hard ass, take no prisoners, uncaring person. Not true!! You can be 100% respectful, honest, decent and caring while you say “Over my dead body”.


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5. The energetic impact of unresolved dynamics is one of your biggest problems!

Don’t even get me started with how sick unresolved dynamics can make people. Most people would take the pain of a tooth extraction over the pain of silent treatment or passive aggressive any day of the week. You don’t have to feel at a loss in these situations!!


What people said about our

last presentation...
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And no, I will not RA RA you, pretending to be the latest ‘self help guru’.


I will bring a depth of insight, awareness and true understanding of the human condition, so that you can naturally and easily start to peel back the layers that have you trapped in


stress or burnout.

"When I experience Rebecca's workshops my whole body let's go and I feel like I'm set free. The style and content that she presents does not tell me how I should or should not be, it simply inspires me to be more of me, which I find is very rare these days. I fully appreciate the wisdom and depth of understanding that she offers - I see it as a blessing."



Take a sneak peek at our last workshop on Relationships held earlier this year.


would you like true enrichment


1. Feeling completely at ease within yourself?

2. Being able to be around people (anyone) and never feel drained?

3. Not being owned by food or other addictions?

4. Having a natural and easy way with setting boundaries?

5. Feeling completely empowered to deal with any dynamic?

What people are saying...

"I've been to several live workshops by Rebecca and each time, walked away feeling like I'd just had a deep, relaxing massage, as well as a funny, warm & insightful conversation with a dear friend! Rebecca doesn't shy away from exposing the uncomfortable, but you manage to feel like she holds your hand while she does it, giving you the opportunity to gain some clarity on what's going on in your own life, and then a practical way forward. Rebecca is definitely a woman who 'walks her talk', gorgeously transparent as she reveals intimate details about her own life for everybody to learn from. And super amazing to have access to past and future masterclasses now!"


"Rebecca is offering something that is few and far between - an insight into the richness of life that is all around us (nothing wishy washy or sugar coated). When you meet her you meet a woman who is here, two feet in, living a rich and vital life in the real world. In everything she presents on - whether it be on relationships, work, home-life, relationship-with-self, parenting, anxiety, exhaustion, stress, or one of many more topics - I’ve found her to be very real and just a lot of fun. To me and I know to many others, Rebecca is a reminder by reflection that the richness of life comes from within, not from outside of us."








"Rebecca has a way of presenting on topics that seem to be so relevant to my family and I. She has an innate awareness of what's going on for most of us and captures the constant obvious struggles we all share. Rebecca holds no judgement on what is right or wrong which allows me to be more vulnerable and open to see things differently. She has a wonderful practical approach to highlight how you could live without the struggle which has been amazing support for my family and I. Rebecca is a wife, mother, friend and business woman leading the way on living true to yourself. Such a wonderful reflection for my family and I as she isn't just presenting these topics, it's actually how she lives. So inspiring ... Thank you Rebecca."




from Rebecca

Every now and then in life you get presented a moment... one of those moments that feels important but you don’t fully know why. A moment that is offering you change, a different trajectory to the one you are currently on. This is one of those moments! This workshop was designed to accelerate your growth and bring to you a greater depth of understanding to the struggles within your life. We are conditioned to think that academic achievement is the only form of intelligence and we are willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars per year in this for ourselves and our children. What if there was a far more important intelligence for us to invest in? What if you invested in the intelligence it takes to be able to live completely content in your own skin? What if you invested in the intelligence to make loving choices consistently without having to fight self-sabotage. What if you invested in the intelligence to be aware of what you truly felt at any moment and because of this could easily discern what was true for you and what wasn’t. What if I told you that once you invested in this level of intelligence, others around you would benefit enormously. These questions are not fantasy questions... they are real and the opportunity for you to change your life for the better is just the start of what is on offer through our workshops and extensive library of courses and video masterclasses.

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