Rebecca Poole is a sought after teacher, presenter and clinician. She brings her enormous experience of over 18-years of clinical practice and over 20-years of meditation practice to the design and implementation of her courses. Rebecca is extremely passionate about sharing her understanding of energy, healing and the human condition, offering something of real substance to people. Rebecca holds a rare combination of qualities, being exceedingly practical at the same time as energetically aware. You will hear her talking about the truth of meditation and the energetic aspects of life from real experience and insight, not a wannabe talking about the “airy-fairy fluff” of life with no true understanding. In all endeavours Rebecca offers not only a wealth of experience, but enormous insight delivered in a naturally joyful, delightfully cheeky way. Health Healing Life is an online school that offers a re-igniting of your insight, wisdom and strength to live the truth of who you are… and bringing that to the world. Rebecca has supported many people to peel back the layers of stress, burden, compromise, and hurt, allowing them to reclaim a truly loving and all-knowing relationship with themselves.

from Rebecca

It is definitely my life’s work to support people to find a true way to deal with the tension and lack of ease in their life.

So many people use unhealthy ways to deal with their stress, overwhelm or tension. Not only does this impact their health and mental well-being it also means that nothing changes.

Others can feel trapped on the treadmill of life; super busy with no way of stopping the chaos. Not to mention the many who struggle with the “blaah feeling”, feeling numb or just feeling unenthused with life.

The key that everyone is searching for is a true answer to the deeper unrest they feel. Ultimately, they know there is more to life than what they are living.

There is so much that this website offers, as it not only provides tools and techniques to change your life, it re-introduces you to an enriched way of life. A connection to the depth of you.


What are you struggling with? Relationships? Parenting? Stress?

We have you covered.